[Custom-made] Creation of a colorful Beni Ouarain rug - n°400


Reproduction of the Beni Ouarain rug n°400 - Similar to 70 - 80%

1x carpet in 200cm x 350cm or 7.00m2

(Final dimensions may vary by + or - 10 cm)

Due to being manufactured by hand, the carpet cannot be completely identical, it will be 70-80% similar, the color codes and general style will be respected.

Fringes: Same as the photo.

Price per m2: €140

Total m2: 7

Manufacturing time: 10 to 16 weeks

Free shipping to your home

Payment via credit card (50% upon ordering, i.e. €490 including tax / 50% before shipping, i.e. €490 including tax)


Material: 100% Wool

Colors: multi-colored


Tamazi takes care of carefully selecting each rug, in the remote regions of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, to offer you the most beautiful pieces. ☀️

Our Berber rugs are unique pieces entirely made by hand, thread by thread, on artisanal looms.

The artisans let themselves be guided by their imagination and creativity when weaving. This is what makes each piece exceptional.

Our Berber rugs are made from real sheep's wool, generally measure between 2 and 4 cm thick and are very soft.

Have you fallen for a piece and it is no longer available? Is the rug of your dreams not available in the right dimensions? Do not panic.

We can have your custom rug designed, to the dimensions, style and patterns of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project ❤️.


It is important to note that this item is designed by hand, which gives it a unique personality and charm. Slight imperfections and color variations are an integral part of its history and only add to its beauty and value. This sets it apart from mass-produced products and gives it a unique character.

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