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Located in the heart of the south of France, in Toulouse, Tamazi is your preferred destination for authentic Berber rugs . Immerse yourself in the richness of Moroccan heritage with our specially curated collections, including the must-have Beni Ouarain rugs and vibrant Azilal rugs , often referred to as colorful Berber rugs . All our products, reflections of exceptional Moroccan craftsmanship, are in stock in our shop. Order with confidence: your purchases are shipped within 2 days maximum.


Custom-Made Berber Rugs

Colorful Berber carpet - n°630 Colorful Berber carpet - n°630
On sale
Colorful Berber carpet - n°521Colorful Berber carpet - n°521
On sale

Colorful Berber carpet - n°521

€145,00 €195,00
Colorful Berber carpet - n°744Colorful Berber carpet - n°744
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Colorful Berber carpet - n°744

€145,00 €195,00
Colorful Berber carpet - n°593Colorful Berber carpet - n°593
On sale

Colorful Berber carpet - n°593

€145,00 €195,00


It was after a trip to Morocco that the idea was born, to make the wonders of the world available to everyone, at low prices. All of the products we offer are exclusively handcrafted. At Tamazi , each product is unique .

Discover today our collection of Moroccan Berber rugs , woven in the Atlas Mountains by artisans.

Discover the art of Berber carpet with Tamazi

The Berber carpet , symbol of Moroccan heritage, is much more than a simple decorative element. It embodies the soul, history and culture of a people with millennia-old traditions. Each pattern, each color, tells a story, a moment of life, a dream. At Tamazi, we are proud to present to you a rigorously selected collection of Berber carpets , where authenticity and quality are our key words.

The Manufacturing Process of Moroccan Carpets

The Moroccan rug , in addition to being a piece of art, is the result of a long and delicate manufacturing process which requires expertise, patience and passion. Understanding this process allows us to appreciate the value of each piece even more.

Wool Selection

It all starts with selecting the best wool. This wool generally comes from sheep raised in the high mountains of Morocco, guaranteeing superior quality, soft and durable.


For some colorful Berber rugs , the dyeing process is essential. Artisans often use natural dyes, extracted from plants, berries or minerals, to achieve a vibrant and long-lasting color palette.


Weaving is undoubtedly the most crucial step. It is here that the artisan, because it is mainly women who weave, translates her vision, her history and her culture into patterns and designs. Each gesture, each knot, is the reflection of an ancestral tradition.


Once the rug is woven, it is carefully washed and dried under the Moroccan sun. This not only fixes the colors but also provides this softness characteristic of Berber carpets .

Why Choose a Tamazi Rug?

Our distinction lies in the rigor of our selection. We travel through the mountains and valleys of Morocco to find the most authentic pieces. Each Berber rug in our collection is selected not only for its quality and design, but also for the story it tells. Buying a rug on Tamazi is also an act of solidarity. We work directly with local cooperatives, guaranteeing fair remuneration for artisans. In this way, you actively participate in supporting and preserving traditional know-how and a rich culture.

Discovery and Advice

Our experts are at your disposal to guide you in your choice. Whether you are looking for a Beni Ouarain rug for your living room, a colorful Berber rug for your bedroom, a M'rirt rug to bring sophisticated elegance, or any other style, we are here to answer all your questions.

Popular Varieties of Berber Carpets

Each region of Morocco offers a unique style of carpet, reflecting its traditions and history. Some of the most popular include:

The Azilal Carpet

Originating from the Azilal region, this rug is known for its abstract patterns and bright colors, making each piece unique. Their white background and colorful abstract designs make them a favorite choice for adding a touch of whimsy to any space.

The Boujad Rug

The bright colors and bold patterns of the Boujad rug set it apart. Typically woven with hand-dyed wool, these rugs reflect the art and creativity of the people of the Boujad region.

The Boucherouite Carpet

This rug is a true expression of innovation. Made from recycled textiles, these rugs are bold and colorful, bringing a touch of cheer to any room.

The M'rirt Carpet

Known for their thick texture and unparalleled softness, M'rirt rugs are highly appreciated for their understated elegance and durability. These wool rugs, with their geometric patterns, bring warm sophistication to any interior.

Integration of the Berber Carpet into Interior Decoration

The magic of the Berber carpet lies in its versatility. Its richness in patterns and colors offers a myriad of options to complement any interior style:

  • Contemporary Style : The geometric patterns of the Kilim or Beni Ouarain bring a touch of modern elegance to a contemporary space, often acting as a centerpiece.
  • Bohemian Style : The vibrant colors and abstract patterns of Azilal or Boucherouite rugs can brighten up a bohemian decor, bringing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Vintage Style : For lovers of old world charm, the soft hues and weathered patterns of vintage Berber rugs fit in perfectly, evoking a nostalgic feeling.

Heritage and Conservation

Beyond their aesthetic beauty, Berber rugs are a window into a rich history and fascinating culture. By purchasing a Berber rug, not only are you bringing elegance to your space, but you are also investing in the preservation of an invaluable heritage. At Tamazi, we value this tradition by working closely with artisans, ensuring that their ancestral know-how continues to thrive for future generations.