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The Brilliance of Berber Carpets: A Confluence of Tradition and Brilliance for your Interior

The Brilliance of Berber Carpets

Looking for a unique piece of art for your living space? Berber carpets , true treasures of Morocco, bring a vibrant and warm touch to each room.

What is a Colorful Berber Carpet?

The Berber tribes of North Africa have always expressed their rich heritage through their handmade wool rugs. Each Berber carpet bears witness to an ancestral heritage, combining traditional patterns and an explosion of colors. They are much more than just decorative elements; they are a window into a world of culture, traditions and stories.

Where do our Berber Rugs come from?

Our Azilal rugs are the perfect example of colorful Berber rugs, distinguished by their graphic patterns and a vibrant color palette. Each piece is unique, reflecting the stories and lives that shaped them.

A Journey Without Leaving Your Living Room

A Berber rug has this incredible ability to take you to the Atlas Mountains every time you feel its softness under your feet. With an average thickness of 2 to 4 cm, these rugs offer unrivaled comfort.

Authentic Creations for Modern Interiors

Our Berber rugs, made with passion and know-how, bring incomparable authenticity to any interior, whether modern or vintage.

A Work of Art Respectful of its Artisans

At Tamazi, we value authenticity. Each Berber rug is carefully selected for its uniqueness and exceptional quality. We ensure that every talented craftswoman is fairly rewarded.

Your Dream, Our Commitment

Have a crush on a particular rug, but the dimensions are not ideal? Let's talk about creating a custom Berber rug, tailored to your wishes in style, pattern and size.

More than a Rug, A Story

Each Berber rug tells a story, making each piece unique compared to mass production.

Tamazi: Your Passage to Morocco

Based in Toulouse, we ensure fast delivery for all our available colorful Berber rugs . Wrinkles caused by storage will disappear over time, giving way to the splendor of your rug.