Berber rugs are exceptional pieces, and at Tamazi , we know how precious they are to you. These treasures of craftsmanship reflect a rich cultural and aesthetic heritage. In order to maintain their shine and natural beauty, it is essential to maintain them with care and delicacy. Here are our tips for pampering your Berber rug:

🍃 Handling Berber carpets

Berber carpets require special attention. Always handle them with care to preserve their delicate texture and patterns.

💨 Frequency and method of aspiration

Vacuum your carpet ideally once a week. To do this, use a simple brush, without rotation, and set the suction power to medium to avoid damaging the wool.

🔄 Carpet rotation

Consider turning your rug over once a month, leaving it on its back for a few hours. This allows encrusted dust to fall naturally.

🌊 In case of stain: the foolproof method

  1. Act quickly : The sooner you treat the stain, the better.
  2. Hot water & Marseille soap : Use hot water and authentic Marseille soap. Prefer white soap rather than green.
  3. No brush : Never use a brush to scrub. This may damage the delicate fibers of your carpet. Instead, rub gently with your fingers, as if you're giving your precious carpet a tender massage.
  4. Rinse : Once the stain has been treated, rinse gently.
  5. Sun Drying : Let your rug dry naturally in the sun. 🌞

📝 Things to remember when cleaning Berber carpets

  • Dusting : Ideally, stand your carpet upright and tap it vigorously to remove dust. If you live in an apartment and can't use it outside, simply turn the rug over for a few hours on the floor to let the dust settle.
  • Vacuuming : Vacuuming (maximum 1 to 2 times per week at low power) will remove remaining dirt.
  • Steam cleaner : If you have a steam cleaner, it is possible to clean your carpet with it, as long as you set it to medium power to avoid burning the fibers.

At Tamazi , we are here to listen to you. If you have any questions regarding the care of your carpet or any other subject, do not hesitate to contact us by email, telephone or via our online chat. Our dedicated team is here to assist and advise you. Take care of your Berber rug, and it will look good on you! 🌸